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Leonard A Magazine, Publisher

Mr. Magazine has been involved in the residential real estate market since 1969 with 22 years on Wall Street in housing finance followed by the creation of Real Estats. Mr. Magazine has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Purdue University (1964) and he served five years as a surface line officer (Lt.) in the US Navy (1964-1969) with one year (1968-1969) in Vietnam. Mr. Magazine and his wife of 48 years are currently active in the theater community in the Portland Metro Area where they have created Guilds for three theatre companies.

Special: Trial offer for any county: $88 per month no sales tax

July 2014 reports are almost all published

Reports are by county available in 16 counties of Oregon and Washington. Since 1991, REAL ESTATS, Inc. has been providing timely overviews of residential real estate activity in select counties of Oregon and Washington State. June 25: The greater Portland area is expected to grow to nearly 3 million people in the next twenty years, according to population forecasts the Metro government. See: Metro Forecast – Thanks OPB Total Recorded Sales for 16 Counties of Oregon & Washington ~ 2006 – 2014 (Jan-Jul)

 Units Sold  2007  2008 2009  2010  2011  2012 2013 2014
All Residential Recordings 139,163 85,891 84,424 83,946 85,362 102,424 124,594 71,730
 Per Month  11,597  7,165  7,035  6,996  7,114  8,535  10,383  10,247

Sales increased 22% in 2013 in the sixteen counties covered. Prices are also up. See reports for more details.

2013 was the best year since 2007.

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