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1st Quarter Results

The housing market’s recordings are on track to make 2013 the best year since the crash. Enjoy it.



If it happens, we expect housing to feel some pain, too. Many analysts have been saying that it will stop any recovery in its tracks.


4th Qtr contraction

What will the economic contraction of the 4th Quarter mean for the housing markets? The cost of financing continues to increase while the availability of credit stays tight, at least compared to six years ago. The foreclosures are not going away in the largest markets. Real Estats suggests that you remain cautious and go with the flow.


2012 Reports Published

All counties have been published. 2012 was the best year for all counties since the crash. While we projected prices to decline, they did not in most counties, especially the major counties. Our january data is due out in February. These reports will give us some idea of the future strength of the housing markets in the Northwest. Should you want to subscribe or to test drive our reports just contact us through this web site.

2013 forecasts are in.


The First Day of 2013

Wow, the first day of the year was a whopper with stocks seeing their best gains in more than a year. Hopefully, this will benefit the housing markets.


Happy New Year

Real Estats is hopeful that the strength in housing sales will continue on into 2013. While government flails, people require homes in which to live. As rental housing becomes more expensive, those who can make the transition to ownership benefit from both low interest rates and distressed prices. The housing market is looking stronger than at anytime in the past five years.